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Promotional Products, Custom Personalised Products & Branded Promo Items That Add Value

Let us 'Add Value' to your next promotion. The best price, the best advice, the best results for you is what we are all about. We offer a best price, on time, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What makes us different is we say yes, always, no matter what you need... and we deliver on time or it’s free. Our staff are friendly and professional and even smile!....


PLEASE NOTE: The article below was submitted as part of a recent online competition we ran, inviting our clients and others to share their thoughts and experiences about using promotional products. For that reason the articles are written at a very general level only, and are far from ‘expert’ in any sense! It goes without saying though that if you now could like more detailed help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 674 722, or just send us an email. We would love to be of service to you.. that’s why we are here!


Understand the importance of why custom earth friendly products are as they are.

It's one thing to offer custom eco gifts as a way to go green as a business and to jump on board with environmentally friendly practices. It's another to be able to effectively detail just how the custom environmentally friendly items you choose are as advertised. If your next batch of promo pencils are in fact custom enviro products, then make sure you know the details from your supplier as to why this is the case. Not only is it good form for you to know this, but some customers will want to know as well. After all, the results from custom green products might be better, but the stakes are also higher. Customers (be it because of random curiosity or more defined skepticism) will be inclined to ask more questions about custom organic products and if you don't know the answers, you might easily be labeled as a phony.

Make custom eco items the showcases of your next big event.

If you have a business event planned, or maybe even a trade show you will be soon attending, it may be an ideal time to consider custom eco gifts as the stars of the show. Even though "going green" is not as ambiguous a concept as it was just a few years ago, it still is a bit of a novelty in the world of corporate promotions, and this means the opportunity may be ripe for custom eco items as even a part of your promo arsenal. Chances are, your custom biodegradable products will be the products that will most stand out, and in a world where garnishing attention is the name of the game, the offer of custom earth friendly items might be the best decision you could make. This effect might even be more noticeable at a trade show, where custom green products could distinguish you from competitors.

Will using custom eco gifts require that your entire business "go green"?

The choice to use custom enviro products at least in partial replacement of traditional promo items is a step in the green direction, but it doesn't necessarily back you into the corner of having to overhaul your entire business. The choice to adopt three new custom eco items is a relatively small commitment (cost wise and logistically), while a larger green effort could take months and come at significant costs. You may have a green future and even be planning to take a more comprehensive series of steps, but you are always free to do so at your own pace. In this regard, custom green gifts can be a great showcase that your plan is in the works and that there is more to come. Such a plan actually adds some credence to custom recylable products, and also gives you an excellent segue to highlight what is in store.

Going green with custom recycled items isn't just fore niche companies anymore.

Ten years ago, the idea of going green was a fringe concept and the use of custom green products was very limited, due to a relative lack of any such products from which to choose. The whole idea of a "green" company inspired thoughts of hugging trees, hippies, and other stereotypes, and many of them were not favorable. This made the idea of custom recylable products more than a bit risky, but my how times have changed. Going green is now more than a fringe choice; it is a bona fide mainstream effort and one that has been used by some pretty powerful companies. The concept of custom recylable products is officially in play and the variety of products that fit the custom eco item category are readily abundant. Being environmentally conscious has always been a good idea. It's just taken until now to become fashionable.

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