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Let us 'Add Value' to your next promotion. The best price, the best advice, the best results for you is what we are all about. We offer a best price, on time, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What makes us different is we say yes, always, no matter what you need... and we deliver on time or it’s free. Our staff are friendly and professional and even smile!....


PLEASE NOTE: The article below was submitted as part of a recent online competition we ran, inviting our clients and others to share their thoughts and experiences about using promotional products. For that reason the articles are written at a very general level only, and are far from ‘expert’ in any sense! It goes without saying though that if you now could like more detailed help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 674 722, or just send us an email. We would love to be of service to you.. that’s why we are here!


Give company lanyards an "open end" to suggest there may be more parts coming.

The best part about company lanyards is that they can sometimes be strung together to make longer and even more interesting combinations. This is a largely decorative benefit of company lanyards, but even with a minor promotional component to remind users of your business, the fact that there is an open "end" to the company lanyard to allow for the attachment of more parts, will be a way to engage the customer, even if in but a small way. People love the idea of a project, or the ability to build something, so providing this in a company lanyard will show that you are interested in both capturing AND retaining the interest and business of your customers.

Offer a progressive business message with sequential company lanyards.

You may have a business that regularly offers new promotions and/or products, and it can sometimes be tough to keep customers updated as to your latest and greatest projects. Employee lanyards can be a way to do just that, by offering pieces or snippets of a larger message, and keeping the customer interested in what may be coming next. The idea of an incomplete message on a company lanyard is a bit misleading, in that the basic content is enough to effectively showcase your business, but there is also a suggestion on the company lanyard that there is always more to come, and this is the real value for your business. Keeping customers wanting the next piece of the company lanyard is symbolic of their being ready for that next great move by your business.

The decision company lanyards or a quarter a cheese sandwich, that is the question

Many customers pay less than $1 for their company lanyards and you cant buy 1/4 of a cheese sandwich for that. They are an economical promotional product. Employee lanyards really work well. Dont forget the free pre-production cycle, it takes all the worry and stress out of it, youve got to approve it first, before your manufacturer and supplier actually do the main run. There should be no charge for that service. The company should make sure that the design and layout you choose turns your company lanyards into very economical and effective sales tools. If your chosen manufacturer/supplier has a contact button on their main webpage, then use it and they should send you an email regarding ideas on layout and designs of your company lanyards. The company should be there and be willing to make the whole process as simple as it can for you.

Usefulness of company lanyards in promoting your business

Employee lanyards are very cost effective. They can be given away in the thousands at any exhibition, trade show, or seminar. This promotes one's company or product/service brand. In addition, company lanyards can be employed in the promotion of a specific charitable cause or public service. Messages can be printed on the company lanyard supporting the cause. Th functionality of the company lanyards makes them ideal for keeping your cause in the forefront of people's minds. In combination with your company's colours and corporate logo, these company lanyards will identify your company with the cause. That can only be a positive for your corporate brand awareness.

Employee lanyards are one kind of promotional product that shows your quality customer support

Employee lanyards are one kind of promotional product that will show your customers that your company cares about about them to adequately provide the products that will meet their requirements. The company lanyards will do a fantastic job of developing the awareness of your brand in the marketplace. Especially, if it is given away for free. All customers like getting free things from companies they respect and are quite willing to do business with. Giving away the company lanyards for free makes them so cost efficient for any company to to use them for their security processes. Furthermore, different colours and messages may be used to denote different levels of access to different departments. This enables your company to create different company lanyards with multiple colours and/or corporate logos. This give you the opportunity to use the company lanyards in multiple marketing strategies.

Build a Successful Brand Ambassador Program With Employee Lanyards

In todays economy, the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. While promo products, such as company lanyards, are useful, they must be paired with the power of customer loyalty. If customers find brands that works, they're very likely to be loyal to them and evangelize those companies. It's vital to have a passionate community of followers around your brand. This is where customer brand ambassadors and marketing products, such as company lanyards come into play. They are enthusiast customers who sing the praises of their favorite brands to other customers. To make a brand ambassador program successful you must compensate your customers for evangelizing your brand. Gift customers promo products, such as promo lanyards, and not only will the customer feel valued, but they will advertise your brand. Each time they wear the company lanyard it will expose your company and it's also useful to the brand ambassador.

Using Employee Lanyards at Trade Shows to Advertise Your Brand

Attending trade shows is a great way to garner new customers. The whole purpose of attending them is to get connected and be introduced to other companies in the industry. Since being at a trade show means the opportunity to be closer to prospective customers, its vital that you provide products that they will want to keep. Employee lanyard are just the item to give at trade. Most trade shows require badges, identification or other security items for the attendees to wear. Employee lanyards are perfect for those needs. If your company provides company lanyards to all your prospective customers, you can be sure they will use them and your brand will get mobile advertising at the same time. Another reason company lanyards are great as promotional items at trade shows, is that customer's don't feel uncomfortable wearing them even if your company info is on it.

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