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Promotional Products, Custom Personalised Products & Branded Promo Items That Add Value

Let us 'Add Value' to your next promotion. The best price, the best advice, the best results for you is what we are all about. We offer a best price, on time, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What makes us different is we say yes, always, no matter what you need... and we deliver on time or it’s free. Our staff are friendly and professional and even smile!....


PLEASE NOTE: The article below was submitted as part of a recent online competition we ran, inviting our clients and others to share their thoughts and experiences about using promotional products. For that reason the articles are written at a very general level only, and are far from ‘expert’ in any sense! It goes without saying though that if you now could like more detailed help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 674 722, or just send us an email. We would love to be of service to you.. that’s why we are here!


Funny cheap t-shirts are a great way to start conversations leading clients towards you

T-shirts are the most common piece of clothing for men and even lots of women wear t-shirts. This makes it the most probable piece of clothing to receive the best success when advertising your company. A promo t-shirt can make it simple to get your brand out in the market and to get everyone talking about your business. A great way to get your promo t-shirts on the mouth of every individual in your area is to make a promo t-shirt with a funny statement on it. Funny cheap t-shirts bring people together and is a great way to start a conversation even with strangers. When conversations are started because of your funny promo t-shirt people will want your t-shirt so they will ask the person wearing where they got it which will probably lead people to your business because your logo is printed on the front of it.

Cheap t-shirts are very easily handed out at local sporting events and festivals

T-shirts are great for sporting events and outdoor festivals during the summer. They are lightweight and allow great mobility. This makes it an excellent choice to use cheap t-shirts as advertising for your business. Making a large quantity of cheap t-shirts may seem expensive at first but compared to other types of advertising it will save you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars and that is without counting the amount of new clients you will receive. The great thing with cheap t-shirts is that they can be handed out at local sporting events very easily and for maximum exposure you could try to get double advertising. What this means is to ask local sporting teams to add your brand logo to their t-shirts which is a great way to advertise your business through the use of cheap t-shirts. Be creative and you will without doubt get great results.

Different cheap t-shirts you want to introduce becomes your market product mix.

Measure your cheap t-shirts in terms of size or length (and not with a tape measure) and the total number of different cheap t-shirts in the mix. The mix of different cheap t-shirts, that you wish to introduce into your product portfolio or product range, is the assortment of different cheap t-shirts offered for sale by a company. Most established companies have a mix of branded cheap t-shirts on offer they are multi-product organisations. New cheap t-shirts should be added over time. Variations on successful cheap t-shirts will be introduced as a means of catering for new / different customer groups, and to expand sales and profits. This makes you a more competitive and credible supplier in the market for cheap t-shirts; as well as, simply spreading commercial risk over a wider product mix.

Cheap t-shirts product mix growth is a complementary instrument to overall corporate growth,

Growth in the product mix with branded cheap t-shirts is the chosen instrument of corporate growth, although the size (or length) of the mix of branded cheap t-shirts will not guarantee success. Two similarly-sized companies in the same market; eg., cheap t-shirts, may have major differences in the number of cheap t-shirts they distribute for sale. As can be seen by the growth of 3M through their own product development, a number of products like cheap t-shirts and promo polos that are related, will complement each other's growth by being targeted to similar markets or for similar uses, or sold through similar outlets or on comparable terms. Many companies, such as Proctor and Gamble marketing several product offerings within its line of detergents, have used this approach to concurrent marketing to grow their company.

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