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First Aid Kits
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Laser Engrave 1p Heavy duty flashlight. A super strong neodymium magnet to hold the flashlight upright against a metal surface. Comes with 7 LED bulbs in the flashlight. 18 LED bulbs on the side to light up any works space. 6 red flashing LED lights to attract attention during an emergency. Size: 250Hx38Wx38D mm. | BLACK

Undecorated Price From: $59.94

Print 1c 1p ABS material. Comfortable hand grip. 3xLED lights. Battery Ni-MH; 3.6V; 40mAh (Manual charging). Hammer function. Imbedded knife at bottom to cut off safety belt in emergency. Size: 150x80x30 mm. | YELLOW

Undecorated Price From: $14.69

Print 1c 1p Auto emergency can happen any time. Be prepared with this multi-functional auto tool which includes a seat belt cutter; window breaker; reusable LED glow stick; red flashing emergency light. Includes AA battery. Size: 195x70x40 mm. | SILVER

Undecorated Price From: $16.15

Print 1c 1p Umbrella with 6 LED lights in the handle. 4 white lights for use as a flashlight and 2 red for emergency flashing. Batteries included (2 x button cell CR1220-3V). Closed dimensions 26.6cm x 3.8cm diameter. Open dimensions 59.6cm x 99cm diameter. | PINK;BLUE;BLACK

Undecorated Price From: $38.56

Easy carry.. Plastic case.. Size: 80×32×12 (mm).. | BLUE;RED;WHITE

Undecorated Price From: $2.16

PVC kit.. For basic first aid. Size: 120×85 (mm). | BLUE;RED

Undecorated Price From: $5.27

Mini kit.. For minor injuries.. Size: 120×70×10 (mm). | RED

Undecorated Price From: $5.75

Small kit.. For basic first aid situations.. Size: 130×85×55 (mm). | RED

Undecorated Price From: $10.69

Small kit.. For home; business; travel.. Size: 180×140×70 (mm). | RED

Undecorated Price From: $18.79

EVA bag.. car & travel use.. Size:230×160×55 (mm). | SILVER

Undecorated Price From: $31.32

Ceramic mug (300ml) with animal design on one side, supplied in four assorted colours only (green, yellow, blue and pink) (sold per 36 pieces, price per piece)..Colours available:Various|

Undecorated Price From: $10.29

Plastic luggage tag with adjustable strap. Label: 4 x 7 cm..Colours available:Black| White| Blue| Red|

Undecorated Price From: $1.13

Plastic ID pass holder with approximately 80cm of retractable cord..Colours available:White|

Undecorated Price From: $1.46

Pen set consisting of a metal ballpen with blue ink and a mechanical pencil; supplied in a metal presentation case..Colours available:Silver|

Undecorated Price From: $7.86

5m plastic tape measure with a wrist strap and belt clip attachment..Colours available:Black|

Undecorated Price From: $7.64

Plastic luggage tag in the shape of a suitcase..Colours available:Black| White| Green| Yellow| Orange| Red| Cobalt Blue|

Undecorated Price From: $0.89

Polyester cooler bag (420D) for six 1.5 litre bottles..Colours available:Orange| Red| Cobalt Blue| Black/Silver|

Undecorated Price From: $24.49

Pocket size plastic box containing 12 bandage strips. Has a push-to-open flip top. Colours: White Sizes: H 83mm x W 35mm x 15mm.

Undecorated Price From: $1.24

A compact kit containing an assortment of 30 bandages and 10 alcohol pads. Colours: White Sizes: W 107mm x L 90mm x H 33mm.

Undecorated Price From: $4.91

Contains seven individual pill boxes that are easily removed. Each box is clearly marked with days of the week for easy medication management. Colours: White Sizes: W 188mm x L 35mm x 38mm.

Undecorated Price From: $3.38

Three compartment pill box. Colours: Clear Sizes: W 60mm x L 38mm x 13mm.

Undecorated Price From: $0.59

Pocket sized pack of 10 tissues. Contains 10 cm x 10 cm (folded) 3 ply tissues. Colours: White Sizes: W 51mm x L 98mm x 26mm.

Undecorated Price From: $1.00

Rectangular pill box with 6 large compartments and snap lock lid. Sizes: 86mmL x 57mmH x 20mmD

Undecorated Price From: $1.03

10 x Citrus scented anti bacterial non woven hand wipes in pouch with resealable sticker. Great for body, offices, car, travel bags or anytime you're on the go! Sizes: 172mmL x 134mmH x 15mmD

Undecorated Price From: $1.84

24 x Anti bacterial non woven hand wipes in foil sealed flip lid canister with ballchain attachment. Sizes: 83mmH x 50mm Diameter

Undecorated Price From: $2.94

20 x anti bacterial, citrus scented, non woven wet hand wipes in compact pouch. Great for body, offices, car, travel bags and on the go. Sizes: Pack: 150mmL x 100mmH x 29mmD, Wipes: 200mmL x 150mmH

Undecorated Price From: $2.86

30ml alcohol based clear gel with moisturiser and Vitamin E in white plastic squeeze bottle. Kills most germs and leaves hands feeling refreshed and clean. 62% alcohol content. Sizes: 48mmL x 95mmH x 24mmD (excluding carabiner)

Undecorated Price From: $2.40

15ml citrus scented spray pump hand sanitiser. Compact, hand bag friendly, with trigger protector which stops spills. 62% alcohol content. Sizes: 46mmL x 84mmH x 10mmD

Undecorated Price From: $2.38

Pack of 10, 2 layer tissues in resealable pocket sized pack. Tissue size - 95mm x 205mm. Suitable for all age categories. Can triple as a business card, brochure and promotional item. Sizes: Pack Size - 52mmL x 100mmH x 24mmD; Tissue Size - 195mmL x 205mmH

Undecorated Price From: $1.24

60ml alcohol based clear gel hand sanitiser with moisturiser and Vitamin E in clear plastic squeeze bottle. Kills most germs and leaves hands feeling refreshed and clean. 62% alcohol content. Sizes: 45mmL x 97mmH x 26mmD

Undecorated Price From: $2.19

First Aid Kit in PP lock case.Contents:3pcs cotton bandages 4pcs adhesive bandages (tga approved) 1roll adhesive tape1pc Scissors3pcs safety pins8pcs cotton sticks1pc cotton ball roll Sizes: 120mmL x 87mmH x 33mmD

Undecorated Price From: $9.69

First Aid Kit in red nylon zippered pouch with black zip. Contents:1pc cleansing wipe 2pcs antiseptic wipe 6pcs alcohol prep pads 4pcs H-shaped adhesive bandage (tga approved) 4pcs small oval adhesive bandage (tga approved)1 pc metal tweezer Sizes: Approx. 145mmL x 95mmH x 8mmD (Size variations considered acceptable)

Undecorated Price From: $6.88

A 22 piece first aid kit in a red travel bag which contains: 15 adhesive bandages 1 antiseptic towelette 1 moist towelette 1 soap wipe 4 alcohol prep pads. Comes with the cross on the front and the standard imprint area is on the back. Sizes: 110mm w x 76mm h

Undecorated Price From: $7.51

A first aid kit in a travel bag which contains: 1 triangular bandage 1 non woven pad 3 alcohol prep pads 1 PBT bandage 4 adhesive bandages 2 safety pins 1 pair of scissors Sizes: 120mm w x 80mm h

Undecorated Price From: $10.45

EXCLUSIVE DESIGNA waterproof designer key chain case for pills, ear plugs or other sensitive items. Ear plugs with string come inserted in the holder's poly bag. Sizes: 89mm w x 25mm h (including key ring)

Undecorated Price From: $5.83

A travel pocket case of 5 individually packaged bandages. Sizes: 101mm w x 44mm h

Undecorated Price From: $4.02

This go-anywhere first aid kit contains adhesive bandages, wipes, tweezers and much more….all supplied in a protective water resistant case. Sizes:

Undecorated Price From: $5.91

This go-anywhere first aid kit contains adhesive bandages, wipes, tweezers and much more….all supplied in a protective water resistant case. Sizes:

Undecorated Price From: $7.37

Time, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calorie Counter, BMI (Body Mase Index), Pulse Calculator with EL backlight, Battery Type button cell x 1, Battery Life over 1 year , Multi-languages instruction manual , One year manufacturing guarantee, Remark PSL Patented design, DESIGN PATENT INFORMATION , HK Design Reg. No.# 0312293.6M003, EC Design Reg. No.# 000198841-0001, Patented Application No (PRC) 2004 3 0060794.8 Sizes: 44 x 90 x 15 mm

Undecorated Price From: $25.19

StaySafe Compact First Aid Kit Stay safe with this 28-piece kit. Includes zipped nylon case, scissors, tweezers, one cold pack, 20 bandages (ten 7.5cm bandages and ten 2.712.5cm bandages) and four antiseptic wipes. Sizes: 82mm(h) x 127mm(w) x 50mm(l)

Undecorated Price From: $23.22

On The Go First Aid Kit Be prepared with this 15pc first aid kit. Compact and portable size made to fit in handbags, backpacks,travel bags and car glove compartments. Includes 6 bandages, 4 alcohol pads, 2 adhesive pads, 1 sterile gauze and 1 adhesive tape roll all in a non woven zip pouch with pocket. Sizes: 117mm(h) x 139mm(w)

Undecorated Price From: $11.34

StaySafe Mini First Aid Kit Stay safe with this 20-piece mini first aid kit equipped with the essentials. Includes nylon case, five adhesive bandages, four alcohol prep pads, a bandage, triangle bandage, two safety pins, five gauze bandages, and a pair of scissors. Sizes: 50mm(h) x 127mm(w)

Undecorated Price From: $17.85

Zippered pouch with silver mini carabiner. Contains 3 antiseptic cleaning wipes, 5 standard size adhesive bandages, 6 small adhesive bandages, 1 adhesive butterfly bandage, 1 adhesive knuckle bandage, 2 alcohol wipes and 2 sting-relief wipes. Sizes: 83mm(w) x 114mm(h)

Undecorated Price From: $7.67

Slim personal first aid set. Includes 4 alcohol wipes and 5 adhesive bandages. Sizes: 1.6mm (H) x 82.6mm (W) x 120.7mm (L)

Undecorated Price From: $2.81

Pill storage box features seven compartments. Each day of the week is conveniently labeled on the hinged, snap-up lid. Sizes: 149mm(l) x 25mm(w) x 33mm(h)

Undecorated Price From: $3.70

Pill case contains 7 strips representing each day of the week with 4 compartments properly labeled, ''Morn,'' ''Noon,'' ''Eve,'' and ''Bed.''  Spring-action base allows for easy removal. Sizes: 38.1mm (H) x 108.0mm (W) x 196.9mm (L)

Undecorated Price From: $15.23

First aid kit includes 5 adhesive bandages, 4 alcohol pads, paper tape roll, 2 safety pins, 5 gauze pads, 1 gauze roll, 1 triangular bandage and scissors in case. Sizes: 76mm(l) x 127mm(w) x 38mm(h)

Undecorated Price From: $14.31

24-piece kit includes zipped nylon case, scissors, tweezers, two latex gloves, one cold pack, one elastic bandage, ten 3 inch bandages, two elastic butterfly bandages, one roll of tape and four alcohol swabs. Sizes: 101mm(h) x 149mm(w) x 60mm(d)

Undecorated Price From: $15.61

Supplied in a black PU zip case, this first aid kit is easy to keep handy for any occasion. Sizes: Pouch size: 135mm(w) x 105mm(h) x 60mm(d)

Undecorated Price From: $20.98

A basic kit to keep handy for any occasion with a belt clip. Bag made from 70D nylon Sizes: 110mm(h) x 80mm(w) x 30mm(d)

Undecorated Price From: $9.04

16 piece first aid kit, conveniently packed in a red zippered case Sizes: 160mm(w) x 120mm(h) x 55mm(d)

Undecorated Price From: $12.69

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